Storytelling Programs

Nancy Marie Payne concentrates on two areas of programing.

Traditional Stories

Fairy tales, fables, legends and myths are not only for young audiences. They hold universal truths of love, loyalty and triumph over adversity. The difference is not in the tale, but in the telling.

Ruslan and Ludmilla

Nancy's adaptation of the Russian Folk tale by Alexander Pushkin. It is a saga of honor, courage and love; betrayal, wizards and witches; dragons, steeds and giants – Oh My!

For middle school through adult audiences. One hour in length.

The Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries

The 1800's were a time of increased immigration, overpopulation in the cities and abandoned children. Civil unrest and civil disobedience surrounded the Civil War years and women were expanding their horizons. Nancy Marie brings this era to life through her characterizations.